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That is why generations of hunters have trusted in the RWS brand.

For more than 100 years, RWS has manufactured all of its rifle ammunition exclusively at its headquarters in Fürth-Stadeln, Germany. Its origins can be traced back to 1855. That was when Heinrich Utendoerffer began to manufacture priming compounds in his Nuremburg laboratory. 34 years later, his laboratory was bought by the ‘Rhinish-Westphalian Explosives Stock Company’ (RWS), established in Troisdorf in 1886. From 1931 until the spring of 2002, RWS belonged to Dynamit Nobel AG. Since then, we have been under the purview of RUAG Ammotec GmbH and have produced a wide range of products based on explosive compounds. Those who count on RWS ammunition profit from the decades of experience and extensive knowledge of our co-workers: They are each specialists and often enthusiastic hunters as well. Generations of hunters have trusted in RWS quality. This they know: Ammunition from RWS fulfills the most demanding requirements and is the guarantor for a perfect hunt.

"We don’t want to travel through time with you and just revel in the past. What we would like is to transform the best of the Old into an even better New and to pass the remarkable values of RWS on to a ‘new hunting generation."

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Our Brand: Decreed “Particularly Valuable”

Our Brand: Decreed “Particularly Valuable”

Our Origins, Our History, Our Future.

The RWS brand has united hunters and sport shooters for generations. But where do those roots lie and what is the secret of its success? The familiar shorthand of ‘RWS’ was originally derived from the ‘Rhinish-Westphalian Explosives Stock Company’, which subsequently fused with Dynamit Nobel AG in 1931. RWS remained as its own standalone brand, which remains well known and established around the world to this day. RWS is your reliable partner in premium market products. The highest levels of quality and accuracy have been hallmarks of RWS since the very beginning. But RWS stands not only for upholding tradition, utilizing first-class materials and employing advanced machinery, but also for its dedicated team members, fresh know-how, innovation and tracking of trends. The hunt is constantly changing; everything is in flux. Just like RWS. Our brand’s core value: a resolute posture with established values.

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Further development and high standards include detailed testing of our products



Optimized out of Passion.

Our forefathers went hunting with the H-Mantel bullet. But hunting has a rapidly changing environment and set of demands. RWS has continually optimized and furthered the development of the H-Mantel bullet so that, to this day, expert knowledge, technology and know-how have played a most decisive role.

The H-Mantel bullet is the basis for the targeted development of state-of-the-art, high-performance bullets such as the Speed Tip Professional and the Evo Green. Both bullets are based on the tried-and-true H-Mantel principle of an H-shaped constriction, making for a dual-core, partially-fragmenting bullet. The Speed Tip Professional is ideal for ethical shots at longer ranges, while the Evo Green is the optimal choice for all hunters who desire an accurate lead-free bullet. Persistent interest in finding and meeting new challenges with an eye towards the future: All of this not only applies to the development of our H-Mantel bullets but is representative of everything that the RWS brand stands for. Even now, the experts at RWS are working on the innovations of tomorrow – because evolution marches on.

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Innovations that Revolutionize Hunting

Hunting has a history that goes back millennia, marked by frequent highs and lows, additional regulations and changing demands. But only a few things are practically predestined to be constants: they appear, become mainstream, prove themselves over the years and are reaffirmed a thousand times a day. That is what RWS offers: rifle ammunition that functions without compromise. We have worked every day for over 100 years to make our ammunition even more perfect.

The RWS portfolio features specialized ammunition for all applications as well as proven all-rounders:

  • The RWS Short Rifle line: ammunition specifically designed for short barrels
  • The new Speed Tip Professional: the specialist for long shots
  • 10.3 x 68 Mag.: a caliber for all applications around the world
  • The Evolution Green from RWS, the market leader: the clever lead-free alternative

Due to our constant drive to move forward in their development, RWS rifle cartridges have opened up new hunting possibilities today that will surpass current technologies tomorrow.


Did you know that…

… all RWS bullets are sealed with up to five different specialized coatings?

… seven final proof firings are required before an ammunition lot can be approved for release?

… although it should go without saying, powder additives designed to reduce barrel fouling are standard in all 67 loadings?

… bullet trajectories are measured by radar?

… RWS tests ammunition by using their collection of over 2400 representative firearms?

… the corrosion-free and decay-resistant RWS SINOXID® priming compound was developed over 90 years ago and has been proving itself ever since?

… thanks to RWS ammunition, countless sport shooters have risen to the top and gone on to become Olympic, European and World Champions?

… at RWS, over 100 manufacturing operations are required to complete each rifle cartridge – with up to 26 manual inspections in between?

… due to their high quality, fired RWS cases are highly esteemed by handloaders?

… the 50-hectare factory grounds are home to a 500-meter indoor range with 35 firing lanes?

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  • Samples from our packaging for the various areas of application