RWS lead-free – Bullets with instantaneous effect

Specialists for every hunting application – DRIVEN HUNT, EVOLUTION GREEN and HIT

For some years now, lead has been banned from rifle cartridges in parts of Germany. This legal regulation was the subject of much controversy and continues to cause excitement and uncertainty among hunters to this day. As the market leader, we at RWS had to set the standards very high in order to fulfil the high expectations of our users. The result is impressive: Effective hunting, lead-free shooting - one does not exclude the other. With RWS DRIVEN HUNT, EVOLUTION GREEN and HIT, we have succeeded in developing three top-class lead-free bullets that achieve maximum performance in all hunting situations.


Clever alternatives without restrictions and 100 % lead-free.


RWS heralds a new era with the DRIVEN HUNT. The lead-free copper deformation bullet has been specially designed to meet the requirements of short-range driven hunts. Its special bullet design with the distinctive round bullet tip ensures immediate mushrooming and high instantaneous impact. The deep hollow point enables a maximum (up to 2.5 times over the first 50 metres) increase in cross-section and therefore a high energy output. The special manufacturing process guarantees a reliable discharge, especially at short distances. The nickel plating reduces barrel fouling.

THE RWS DRIVEN HUNT is suitable for all domestic game species, but shows its full strength in the medium to heavy game range.


  • Outstanding shock effect
  • Peerless energy transfer
  • Maximum residual body weight and guaranteed exit wound
  • 100% lead- and splinter-free bullet

Available calibres: .30-06 Spr., .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag., 9,3x62, 8x57 IS and 8x57 IRS


The RWS EVOLUTION GREEN is a unique lead-free jacketed bullet made of tin with the typical RWS two-core construction. The front (soft) tin core with pressed-in predetermined breaking points ensures immediate energy release with a high instantaneous effect. The pre-fragmentation ensures reliable response behaviour, even when used at longer distances. The harder tail core remains mass-stable and ensures a reliable discharge. The characteristic H-shaped constriction ensures a secure mechanical hold between the tail core and bullet jacket. A major advantage is the jacket technology with nickel-coated mild steel jacket, which causes very little barrel fouling.

The bullet is suitable for all domestic game species, but is at its best when used on light to medium game.


  • Peerless energy transfer
  • Reliable exit wound
  • Flat trajectory – long RZR
  • Full effectiveness at long ranges
  • 100% lead-free bullet

Available calibers: 6,5 x 55 SE I 6,5 x 57 I 6,5 x 57 R I 6,5 x 68 I 6,5 Creedmoor I .270 Win. I .270 WSM I 7 x 57 R I 7mm Rem. Mag. I 7 x 64 I 7 x 65 R I .308 Win. Short Rifle I .308 Win. I .30-06 Short Rifle I.30-06  I .30 R Blaser I .300 Win. Mag. I 8 x 57 JS I 8 x 57 JRS I 8 x 68 S I 9,3 x 62 I 9,3 x 64 I 9,3 x 74 R10,3 x 68 Mag.


For fans of fragmentation-free bullets, the RWS HIT is the right lead-free alternative. The RWS HIT bullet is a lead-free, mass-stable deformation bullet on a solid basis. The unique HIT matrix with the RWS TC-Tip (Twin-Compression-Tip) and the RWS ACC (Active-Crater-Cavity) guarantees safe and fast mushrooming of the bullet. The compact residual body with 99% residual weight ensures high penetration and a reliable exit wound - even after bone hits! The bullet is the perfect all-rounder from driven hunts to standard hunting distances.

The bullet is suitable for all domestic game species and shows its strengths best in the area of medium to heavy game.


  • Reassuring penetrating power, even on bone hits
  • Flat trajectory
  • Great shocking power
  • Minimal meat damage
  • 100% lead- and fragment-free bullet

Available calibers: .308 Win. (9,7 g I 150 gr) I .30-06 (10,7 g I 165 gr) I .300 Win. Mag. (10,7 g I 165 gr) I 8 x 57 JS (10,4 g I 160 gr) I 8 x 57 JRS (10,4g | 160) | 9,3 x 62 (16,2 g I 250 gr)


Performance Plus

Short, handy barrels are well-loved amongst hunters. This trend is increasing now that hunting with silencers is now allowed in many jurisdictions. So that a rifle with a moderator doesn’t become too cumbersome, shorter barrels measuring between 420 and 550 mm are ordered more often. But beware! Standard ammunition is set up for the typical barrel length of 600 mm. If this ammunition is fired from shorter barrels, it has the following disadvantages: Loss of velocity and energy, reduced effectiveness, intense muzzle flash, loud muzzle blast and accelerated wear on moderators. RWS has developed a loading that has been specially optimized for firing from short barrels without having to accept any reduction in performance – the SHORT RIFLE cartridge.