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Hunting and Targetshooting 2019/20

Catalogue: RWS centrefire rifle cartridges, rimfire cartridges, airgun pellets and reloading components.

RWS rifle cartridges brochure

Get an overview of our product variety for yourself and let yourself be inspired by it – our brochure thoroughly informs you about all of our hunting cartridges, loadings and bullets.
Cover of the RWS sport ammo brochure

RWS sports ammunition brochure

Top athletes demand a great deal of themselves in order to succeed in reaching their goals. Millions of target shooters trust RWS for a reason.
Cover of the RWS Reloaded brochure, which shows a person reloading

RWS Reloading Brochure

Handloading, or reloading, i.e. the tailoring of a cartridge to meet your needs, opens completely new horizons. RWS offers first-class components that enable you to fit the cartridge to your exact application.
A selection of our RWS flyers

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