FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Ballistic issues

Ballistics and ammunition go together like boar and forest. However, ballistics can be complicated and sometimes hard to get your head around. All key questions concerning interior, exterior and terminal ballistics are answered and elucidated here.

Sports marksman aimimg with rifle on bipod
cartridge and its components: case, propellant powder and bullet

Quality questions

RWS stands for quality without compromise. Nevertheless, certain questions keep coming up, even on the subject of quality: What is the maximum length of time I can store ammunition for? What is the correct way to store my RWS cartridges? How should I handle a dud cartridge? You will find the most important answers and more here.

Lead-free ammunition

There are several myths surrounding lead-free ammunition. What effects does lead-free ammunition have on cleaning a gun barrel? Why are lead-free bullets often lighter than lead-containing ones? What lead-free bullets are available on the market? We answer all the important questions on the subject of “lead-free” here.

Single cartridge stands vertically on forest floor
Shot on a block of gelatine!

Product information

Do you wish to explore RWS’s product world in greater depth or simply obtain additional information on the products? Here you will find everything worth knowing in connection with our products and the RWS brand world. And if some specific information is missing, you have the possibility of finding out more.

Product availability

Where can I purchase RWS products? What do I do if the calibre I want isn’t in RWS’s portfolio? Why aren’t all bullets available in all calibres? Many questions arise around the extensive RWS product range. The good news is that we have a suitable answer to all these questions.

RWS rifle cartridge calibre 7x57 in lying position