Reloading components

There are plenty of reasons to load your own ammunition. In addition to helping shooters and hunters to shoot better, it cuts costs and improves accuracy.

Self-loading or reloading means customising shells, a process that creates new opportunities and detailed insights into the world of ballistics for hunters and shooters alike. RWS offers first-class components to build shells to your precise specifications. Whether you are a sports shooter, a long-range expert or a hunter: RWS transforms reloading into an enjoyable experience and guarantees maximum success.

Percussion caps

The percussion cap is the smallest and most unprepossessing of all components in the overall system. But it does deserve particular attention, as nothing will work without the percussion cap.

Rifle cartridge bullets

Stocking over 11 hunting bullets and many more for sporting applications, RWS has the widest range of projectiles worldwide.

Cartridge cases

The casing is the nucleus of a shell. Dimensional stability, safety and reloading capacity are just a few of the essential properties that a conscientious reloader requires of a casing in order to achieve maximum performance. And that is precisely what RWS casings deliver.


RWS has the right powder for any scenario. Whether it’s a fast or slow-burning powder, we collaborate with prestigious manufacturers to offer the perfect propellant for any application.