RWS Evolution Green

RWS Evolution Green

Outstanding shock effect – lead free

The RWS EVOLUTION GREEN is a partially fragmenting, lead-free bullet featuring a series of interdependent constructive details. The RWS EVOLUTION GREEN achieves its convincing performance with dual cores made from food-safe tin and featuring a special pre-fragmentation of the frontal core. Working together with the Speed Tip point, this creates outstanding shocking power even at long ranges. This bullet is suitable for all ordinary game animals, but is ideal for use against light to medium game.


Extraordinary expansion properties via multiple perforations of the tin front core and the use of the Speed Tip point for reassuring shocking power. This results in shorter flights and less tracking effort.


Convincing killing power even at longer impact distances. Ordinary designs show greatly reduced expansion at long ranges. Not so with the EVO GREEN. Its intelligent bullet design significantly reduces this effect. This bullet is suitable for all European game, yet its strengths lie in the taking of light- to medium-weight animals.


  • Outstanding shocking power
  • Reliable exit wound
  • Flat trajectory – long RZR
  • Full effectiveness at long ranges
  • 100% lead-free bullet