10 m air pistol

Weapon: Air pistols (to these are also counted compressed air pistols, which use cold gases for the propulsion) of any type of 4.5 mm calibre;
the outer dimensions may not exceed 200 mm in height, 420 mm in length and 50 mm in width; a maximum weight of 1.5 kg including barrel stabilizing weight, trigger pull weight 500 g minimum, set triggers and rear set triggers are not allowed, multiloaders may only be used as single loaders

Ammunition</link>: customary bullets of any shape in calibre 4.5 mm maximum

Targets: Diameter of the 10 = 11.5 mm, of the rings 1 to 9 = 8 mm eachDistance: 10 m

Aiming position: standing, freehanded position

Programmes: 20 shots in 40 minutes, 40 shots in 75 minutes, 60 shots in 105 minutes, including trial shots.

Comment: Internationally, men shoot 60 shots and women 40 shots.

Source: German Shooting Federation