RWS novelties 2020: New products in the merchandise segment

RWS novelties 2020: New products in the merchandise segment

RWS is once again expanding its range of merchandise this year by adding various new items. Hunters and sports shooters can look forward to the following new products:


The new in-ear impulse hearing protection from RWS offers excellent noise suppression performance in a reusable high-end product. The patented impulse-filtering technology is certified for impulse noises of up to 166 dB and provides damping of up to 33 dB. As soon as there are no impulse noises, the earplugs muffle sound only minimally, making it possible to hear ambient noises.

Die Eigenschaften des RWS Gehörschutzes auf einen Blick

The features of RWS hearing protection at a glance:
  • Harmful impulse noises reduced by up to 33 dB
  • Permanent damping of 15 dB* while talking or during no-shoot times (*damping under a CE certification condition)
  • Comes with an aluminum transport/storage case
  • No batteries required, no electronics
  • Delivered with 2 sets of ear pieces (sizes M and L)
  • RWS Earplug Packaging
  • RWS Earplug

New RWS Accessories – made by NIGGELOH

The new RWS rifle sling offers quality for the highest demands. The softly cushioned, wide shoulder support provides top carrying comfort and a non-slip fit at the same time.
The quick-release fasteners on both sides, which allow for quick and easy opening of the sling, are particularly practical. Thanks to careful processing using modern materials, the rifle sling is light and comfortable to carry. The sliding buckle makes individual length adjustment possible.
Available in the following designs: Leather Loden, Neoprene Brown, Neoprene Black

  • RWS Gewehrriemen Leder Loden braun
  • RWS Gewehrriemen Neopren braun
  • RWS Gewehrriemen Neopren schwarz

The extremely robust RWS rucksack rifle sling combines the high level of carrying comfort of neoprene with quick accessibility. The shoulder area made of wide, ergonomically
adjusted neoprene sections ensures it is comfortable to carry. The straps in the lower area give a wide range options for individual adjustment of the strap lengths, making it possible to even carry the firearm over a backpack. The time-tested plug connections on both sides in the middle of the strap allow the strap to be opened in an instant to quickly grab the firearm.
Available in the Neoprene Brown

  • RWS Gewehrriemen System Niggeloh
  • RWS Gewehrriemen Neopren braun

Attractive design of the RWS shell case

The new RWS shell case scores points with its attractive design combined with a high degree of functionality. The material mix of robust leather and soft, durable loden cloth
makes it an ideal, noiseless companion while hunting. The wide leather loop on the back ensures that it will be held securely on every belt. The elastic loops sewn into the case securely hold RWS rifle shell inlays (5 shells). The new RSW shell case is available in three different sizes, which optimally match the different RWS rifle shell inlay sizes.

  • RWS Patronenetui groß, mittel, klein; offen
  • RWS Patronenetui groß, mittel, klein; geschlossen
  • RWS Patronenetui groß, offen
  • RWS Patronenetui groß, geschlossen

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