RWS H-Mantel


For Maximum Effect

What is special about this bullet is the famous H-groove, a constriction in the middle of the jacket designed as a breakaway point. It supports the separation of two cores of differing hardness and is responsible for the two ways the bullet works: the front section fragments rapidly after contacting the game animal, delivering immense energy for maximum effect; the cylindrical rear section separates at the H-groove, penetrating through even heavy game without deformation and reliably delivering the desired exit wound. The base drag of the rear section pulls most of the front core fragments out of the animal’s body.


  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Great shocking power via copper-capped hollow point
  • Certain exit wounds

Available calibers: .270 Win. I 7 x 57 R I 7 x 64 I 7 x 65 R I .308 Win. I .30-06 I 8 x 57 JS I 8 x 57 JRS I 8 x 68 S​​​​​​​