RWS Speed Tip Professional


Highest knock-down power at all distances

Rapid advancements in firearms and optical tech-nologies make shooting and hunting at long ranges possible. As hunting tourism increases, so does the need for ammunition designed for hunt-ing game animals at all ranges and of all weight classes. For example, when mountain hunting or when after heavy African game, deep penetration and great stopping power are essential. RWS have developed a modern hunting bullet to meet these demands, the new SPEED TIP PRO. It is reliable and effective for game weights of all classes from close range to 300 metres and beyond. RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL, one of the latest develop-ments from RWS, is specially developed for great shock effect and stopping power at the longest ranges.

Extreme knock-down power – even at long ranges

Its swift expansion in the game animal is achieved thanks to the Speed Tip bullet, which has an integral hollow point and an easily fragmented front core. The Speed Tip’s harder rear core guarantees penetration. Results for the hunter include greatly shortened death flights and certain exit wounds for good blood trails.


A convincing prerequisite for long shots. This is guaranteed by the V-Tail bullet base and the nickeled bullet jacket.


The extremely flat trajectory and high velocity make hunting at long ranges a reality. This is achieved by the use of an aerodynamic profile topped off with a Speed Tip point and V-Tail base.


  • Immense shocking and stopping power, even at long ranges
  • Extremely flat trajectory due to low air resistance
  • Compelling accuracy
  • Certain exit wound