Product Single package Article number Description
R 901
500 g
Offensive powder, e.g. for the .222 Rem. 5.6 x 50 (R) Magnum cartridges. This powder is primarily suitable for small capacity cases when light bullets are used. In addition, it is also suitable for producing reduced loads with light to medium weight bullets.
R 902
500 g
This powder burns slower than the R 901 and is therefore suitable for many types of cases ranging from the .222 Rem. to the 9.3 x 74 R. It is generally considered to be suitable for medium cases and light to medium-weight bullets as well as for short barrels.
R 903
500 g
This is the universal powder for all medium-sized rifle cartridges and bullets of normal weight. It is suitable for calibres ranging from 5.6 x 50 to 9.3 x 74 R. Decisive for the universality of R 903 is not only its adoptability to many different types of case forms, but also its flexibility in terms of the ignition, which still leads to uniform and complete burn-up of the powder even when the load has a low density.
R 904
500 g
This powder burns more slowly than the R 907 and can possibly cause weaker gas pressure in suitable cases while at the same time exhibiting the same performance. In comparison to the next slower R 905 Powder, the extremely progressive powder, the R 904 has the advantage of requiring less volume. Thus, if the case volume is limited, better performance can be achieved.
R 905
500 g
This is the most progressive powder in the product range and is particularly well suited for loading large volume high-performance cartridges when heavy bullets are to be shot from long barrels. The range of application extends from 5.6 x 57 to 8 x 68 S and other Magnum cartridges.
R 907
500 g
In terms of its burn-up rate, the R 907 is between the R 903 and the R 904. It fills the relatively large void between the two types of powder. Load data has been recorded for several different calibres. It appears to be particularly well suited for 8 mm cartridges (.318 diameter).