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Steffen Foullon, a seasoned hunter, embarked on a trip in early autumn that turned into an unforgettable adventure. His destination: the vast steppes of Mongolia, to experience the legendary rutting call of the Caspian red deer, a subspecies of wapiti, and perhaps even bag a mature stag.

A passionate hunter and adventurer, Steffen’s extraordinary journey – that led him far beyond the boundaries of his familiar world – began in Frankfurt. His hunting gear packed, his heart beating with anticipation, he climbed abord the aircraft that took him via bustling Istanbul to the heart of Mongolia – to Ulan Bator.
The mere thought of the endless steppes, the majestic mountains and the rich and diverse Mongolian culture filled him with pleasurable anticipation. 

He landed in Ulan Bator after a smooth journey through a variety of time zones and cultures. The vibrant city, a melting pot of tradition and modernity, welcomed him with its unique energy. Despite the challenges of transporting extensive hunting gear across international borders, the arrival proceeded with astonishing ease. His ammunition, rifle and scope had all landed safe and sound in his destination country. This all bears witness to the benefits of assiduous planning and preparations.
His interpreter – a vital factor in assimilating to unfamiliar cultures and languages – was already waiting at the airport. The warm welcome Steffen received was more than just a friendly greeting – it opened the door to a world brimming with new experiences, adventures and insights.
With every step he took on Mongolian soil, Steffen immersed himself more and more in an adventure that was more than just a hunting expedition and ultimately became a journey into one of the world’s most enthralling regions.

From Ulan Bator, they continued their journey five hours south-east until finally reaching their remote camp between Charhorin and Arwaicher. Here, far from the bustle of modern life, they found themselves transposed into a world that seemed plucked directly from the age of Genghis Khan. They were bivouacked in traditional yurts – round wooden tents, decked out with animal hides. Heated with dried horse manure, the central oven was an impressive testimony to the local population’s skilful adaptation to the harsh local conditions.

This journey was more than a hunting trip, but a deep dive into a different age and culture. The rut of the Caspian red deer, with its high and extended whistling calls, was in full swing. This natural spectacle, which Steffen was able to witness as soon as he set foot in their hunting camp, was simply overwhelming.

Mongolia’s population of Caspian red deer has experienced a remarkable recovery after being driven almost to the verge of extinction 40 years ago. This had been mainly due to poaching, fuelled mainly by Chinese demand for the animals’ antlers. The Mongolian government responded with an innovative approach: proceeds from a limited number of hunting licenses were used to fund a project to combat poaching, accompanied by state protection programmes. The results are now visible in the sprawling steppes: Caspian red deer, flourishing in their natural habitat.

Hunting these deer is in itself a genuine artform. It takes a lot of patience, sophisticated tactics and precision. Steffen placed his trust in the RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL in the calibre .300 Win. Mag., a part fragmentation bullet which is known for its excellent accuracy and remarkable immediate effect. Hunting in Mongolia often requires long-range shooting, so bullets with a high ballistic coefficient and flat trajectory are real game-changers.

Caspian red deer need to be tracked, so the hunter approaches the prey with extreme caution and sometimes over long distances until they find a suitable position to discharge a clean shot. But the endless expanses of the Mongolian steppes – coupled with the movements of the majestic deer – will often test the hunter’s marksmanship at longer ranges. The equipment needs to be fit for this purpose as well. Nobody can hunt Caspian red deer without training and preparation.

The RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL bullet epitomises the incredible evolution in ballistic projectiles that are designed specifically for hunting. It is a part fragmentation projectile that is engineered to ensure controlled and efficient energy transfer on impact. The H-shaped constriction of the bullet plays a vital role in this regard: it enables precise and defined fragmentation of the front projectile core after entering the target. In turn, this fragmentation unleashes an incredible transfer of energy to the body of the game to guarantee effective and humane killing.

At the same time, the rear section of the bullet remains intact to create optimal penetration and a good exit wound. These design attributes are summarised as ‘knock-down power’ and describe the capacity of a projectile to hit and immobilise the target with maximum effect.
The aerodynamic structure of the RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL is another of its eye-catching characteristics. The ballistic tip and V-tail (V-shaped tail design) are key contributors to improved accuracy and a stable trajectory. These design elements reduce air resistance and enable a flat and therefore more accurate trajectory, which is particularly important for long-range shooting.

The flat trajectory is especially relevant in minimising ballistic losses at longer distances. This is particularly important if hunters do not wish to make any rapid reticle adjustments or if changing the point of aim in the rifle scope is not advisable. In these cases, the bullet enables precise sighting without additional calculations or adjustments, which significantly increases hunting efficiency and accuracy.


Steffen's experiences in Mongolia were not just a demonstration of his hunting skills, but also a profound experience of connecting with nature and an ancient culture. This adventure will live on in his mind and stands as an example of responsible and respectful hunting, practised in harmony with the protection and conservation of wild animals.

At the end of his trip, a visibly moved Steffen remarked: “I am genuinely proud to have experienced all this. We had a final hunt on the last day and came home with a beautiful Caspian red deer. I would like to thank everyone who made all this possible!”

If you want to learn more about this fantastic hunting trip, just watch the 45-minute video on Steffen Foullon’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL.