Summer biathlon

Summer biathlon is a combination of running and shooting.

On one hand with running strength and agility are asked for and on the other hand with the shooting it comes down to concentration and self-discipline.

A crazy combination or the new type of trend sport?

First you run at the top of your lungs and you are completely out of breath and than you are supposed to hold your rifle with a steady hand?
Just this unusual combination makes this sport so interesting and appeals to the audience.Its aim is to cover a given route in the shortest time possible, whereas the route is interrupted at certain intervals by shooting units. Contrary to the well-known winter biathlon, the rifle is not carried by the summer biathletes when they are running.

In the single shooting units 5 targets each must be hit with one shot each. As soon as the target has been hit, a flap falls down, so that anyone can see whether the shot was a score or not. If a flap has not been hit, the shooter must run a penalty lap or a time penalty is added to the total time. It is shot in standing position at targets of 35 mm and in prone position at targets of 15 mm.

Competitions are tendered up to the German championships, respectively the Germany Cup. In clubs, running series are carried out on regional level and as state association championships.There are of course also various disciplines in the summer biathlon. In the German Shooting Federation relay race, single run, as well as sprint and chase runs are offered.The distances that have to be covered are differing in the different disciplines and depend on the age and sex of the athletes.
This results in a varying number of running rounds and shooting assignments.

The gear consists of good running shoes, comfortable sportswear for the run, as well as a special biathlon air rifle or small-calibre rifle with a 5-shot magazine or normal single loading rifles.

Source: German Shooting Federation