RWS novelties 2020: RWS Performance Line - Short Rifle


Full performance from short barrels

Due to the excellent response to the market launch of the Short Rifle cartridges and the high demand, the Short Rifle series is being expanded by the following loads: .308 Win. EVO GREEN, .30-06 EVO GREEN und 8x57 IS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL.

The trend of carrying short-barrelled weapons is continuing and enjoying increasing popularity. It is also being encouraged through the growing use of silencers.

As is generally known, standard ammunition is formulated for use in the most commonly encountered barrel length of 600 mm. Firing standard ammunition out of short barrels has several disadvantages: Loss of velocity and energy, reduced effective range, dazzling muzzle flash, increased muzzle blast and accelerated silencer wear. That is why RWS has developed a cartridge tailored specifically for use in short-barreled rifles. This means that shooting a short-barreled rifle no longer means giving up long-barrel performance.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Optimized for short barrels: The new RWS load is specially formulated for short barrels with a fast-burning powder, an appropriate bullet weight and a high-performance primer.
  • Reduced muzzle flash: Our fast-burning powder significantly reduces both muzzle flash and report in shorter barrels. Now you can keep sight of the target at the instant the shot is fired, which is especially important when hunting in twilight or darkness.
  • The best choice when shooting with silencers: Short barrels are the first choice for use with a silencer. The complete combustion of this fast-burning powder within the barrel itself not only assures a significantly higher life expectancy for the silencer but also promotes tighter groups.
  • Full velocity and energy: Thanks to its special formulation, the new RWS cartridge delivers full velocity and energy – even from short barrels. This means that you need not change your hunting tactics when it comes to a short barrel and that you can expect full game-taking power, even at long ranges.
Presentation of two packages from the RWS EVOLUTION GREEN Short Rifle series in calibers .30-06 und .308
RWS PERFORMANCE LINE Short Rifle – Volle Leistung aus kurzen Läufen.

The RWS EVOLUTION GREEN is a partially fragmenting, lead-free bullet featuring a series of interdependent constructive details. Both cores of the bullet are made of food-safe tin. This bullet is suitable for all ordinary game animals, but is ideal for use against light to medium game. The lead-free EVOLUTION GREEN bullet is especially effective given its outstanding responsiveness. This is achieved through a specially pre-fragmented front core made of tin and the use of RWS' new Speed Tip bullet tip which enables an impressive shock effect. This will guarantee humane and successful hunting.

Image of a RWS .30-06 EVOLUTION GREEN Short Rifle cartridge

The RWS HIT is a lead-free expanding bullet with high weight retention due to its monolithic construction. The abbreviation HIT stands for high-impact technology. The bullet guarantees fast and certain expansion with great shocking power, even at long ranges. The compact slug, which retains 99% of its original weight, assures deep penetration and a certain exit wound - even after striking bone! This makes the RWS HIT the appropriate lead-free alternative for those favouring non-fragmenting bullets.

The RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL bullet promises highest knock-down power, even at long ranges. It is reliable and effective for game weights of all classes from close range to 300 metres and beyond. The very rapid expansion in the body of the game animal is achieved through the Speed Tip bullet tip with its integral hollow point and easily fragmented front core. The harder rear core guarantees penetrating power. Whilst hunting, this results in greatly shortened flights and certain exit wounds with blood trails. RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL, one of the latest developments from RWS, is specially developed for great shock effect and stopping power at the longest ranges.

Available cartridges

Article no. Caliber – bullet type Bullet weight [g/gr] Content per package [pcs.]
2411783 308 Win. EVO GREEN 9,0 / 139 20
2406615 .308 Win. HIT 9,7 / 150 20
2406616 .308 Win. STP 10,7 / 165 20
2411785 .30-06 EVO GREEN 9,0 / 139 20
2408472 .30-06 HIT 10,7 / 165 20
2408473 .30-06 STP 10,7 / 165 20
2408474 .300 Win. Mag. HIT 10,7 / 165 20
2408634 .300 Win. Mag. STP 10,7 / 165 20
2408475 8 x 57 JS HIT 10,4 / 160 20
2411867 8 x 57 JS STP 11,7 / 180 20
2408476 9,3 x 62 HIT 16,2 / 250 20

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