Mouflon hunting in Andalusia with RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL

2 years ago

Mouflon hunts in Cordoba

Anyone with experience of hunting mouflon will have fond memories of tracking this exciting game species, as the smallest of all wild sheep has keen eyesight, excellent hearing and can detect even the slightest scent in the wind. Spain has the largest stocks of mouflon, along with Germany, Hungary the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Córdoba, a province in the north of Andalusia, is a top location for hunting mouflon rams. Our host Enrique owns an impressive 4,000 hectare hunting ground populated by wild boars, roe deer and mouflon. It takes a lot of skill to hunt in this terrain, as it is dotted with well-camouflaged spots. Hunters need to track doggedly, quite often on all fours. Hunting from a blind – a popular technique in Germany – is almost unknown in Spain.

Shots from a distance of 200 metres and more - RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL

Shots from a distance of 200 metres and more are commonplace, so our choice of projectile was always going to be the RWS Speed Tip Professional. It is a modern partial-fragmentation bullet that builds on the proven H-Mantel technology. Engineered specifically for long-range shooting, it combines an extremely flat trajectory with outstanding shock and stopping power to reliably cover distances of over 300 metres and take down game species in variable weight classes. It became clear that we had picked the right ammunition shortly after sighting our first mouflon.

Hunting experiences in stunning landscapes

The first eligible ram hoved into view, perched on a knoll around 350 metres away – outside the comfort zone. So we used the terrain to our advantage and crept up on our prize until it was just over 280 metres away. We covered the final metres in a low crawl, inching forward on our tummies. The distance was now 244 metres – a manageable shot with the right cartridges in the magazine. I soon found a good position and used my hunting knapsack as a gun rest. What mattered then was to focus on steady breathing and the finger on the trigger. And in the next instant, the bullet exited the barrel. The mouflon ram dropped in its tracks with one clean shot. Arriving at the scene, we delivered the coup de grâce with Córdoba’s breathtaking landscape spread out below. What an incredible hunting experience. The animal was skinned and gutted on the spot and the meat placed in the cooler to mature.