Mouflon hunting in Spain

Jerome Cuesta 2 years ago


Intending on discovering new lands, we undertook the trip in search of Spanish ibex wild goats and mouflon wild sheep. As hunting in these latitudes is already a complex task, attempting to bag two different species in just 4 days while recording all of it on video made for a truly appealing challenge.

Small towns sandwiched between large slopes of red stone created a beautiful setting. It’s amazing how the range of colours changes from north to south!

And who was there to tell me that the red lands of Valencia hide those tremendous ravines lost between enormous expanses of old pines?

We would start with the ibex in the first two days and then continue with the mouflon since they do not frequent the same areas. However, it is always still possible for either of the two species to cross your path.

While hunting itself is already a difficult endeavour, attempting to record it greatly increases the complexity. Those who take along recording equipment into the mountains know what I mean.

Fortunately, we were able to get to close enough to make a relatively easy shot despite the strong blasts of air that complicated aiming the weapon. As always, the accurate impact of the RWS UNI CLASSIC in 300 Win. Mag. did its job, turning another animal into an indelible memory.

When, despite all the effort, hunting becomes complicated and you find it difficult to achieve the desired goal, these strokes of unpredictable luck leave a flavour behind that is difficult to describe. Sooner or later, effort and perseverance are always rewarded.

On the third day, we went exploring for the mouflon, heading into a different area while facing the worst of four windy days. Things became complicated, as in the morning we spotted a lot of game, a number of young mouflon from a long distance. It seemed that they were better able to withstand the wind than the ibex. And in the afternoon, with the wind calmer, we saw absolutely nothing. The third day came to a close without anything eventful happening. We had only one day more, the last.


On the last morning of hunt, with more desire than faith, we climbed into the Land Rover and headed to the hunting ground. The wind was very strong and my will to keep on recording was waning because I did not anticipate the successful completion of the mouflon hunt, a trophy animal (more complicated if at all possible). The morning went badly, with hardly any animal sightings and with low expectations of getting more.

In the afternoon, in really low spirits and tired of looking while crossing terrain that makes walking difficult and punishes boots due to the sharp stones and brush that easily cut through material, we were about to give up and call and end to the hunting day, when we located a pair of superb mouflons.

Our efforts are sometimes rewarded by lucky breaks that seem as though the mountain wanted to compensate us for the many hours of dedication, reading, recording, editing, studying, love and passion that we put into each hunt.

And in playing this game, an opportunity presented itself. We had to get closer to a couple of large male mouflons that were calmly basking in the sun on a hillside about 350 meters away. We approached them slowly and calmly, taking great care not to be seen. Despite its aesthetically unappealing eyes, the mouflon has truly amazing eyesight, so you have to be very careful when moving to not be seen.

Once we got close enough, we waited until they stood up from the ground. We don’t particularly like shooting game lying down. Firstly, out of respect, and secondly because the chances of hitting it in the wrong place are very high – and if there is anything that bothers us users, leaving wounded animals in the bush is it.

The mouflons took their time before getting up. The tension grew; it was an all or nothing. A single stroke, one last cartridge. The minutes passed as though they were hours until, without expecting it, we saw them giving my father an opportunity that he took advantage of with the temperance that years of experience give to those who persist.

A precise shot with the RWS UNICLASSIC and the animal fell a few meters away. As you can imagine, a moment of great excitement was filled with emotion, which I will not describe in detail, because I believe the video is a good reflection of this sensation. Being armed with absolutely reliable ammunition provides a sense of security in moments of great tension. We were able to kill two different species in a really nice place that was new for us. These experiences are the ones that, little by little, fill life with memories that only those who love the mountains and enjoy the countryside have the ability to judge fairly.

To finish, I want to express my gratitude to Valencia and all the people who, with effort and dedication, safeguard and care for this hidden place with so much love, enabling a humble hunter like me to enjoy it and add it to his list of excursions in the wild. With nothing further to say, I leave you with the video report and hope you like it.

Wishing you all the best,

Jerome Cuesta

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